Heat up the bedroom. Feel like a goddess.

It doesn’t take more sex to feel sexier and to enjoy intimacy more. What it does take is regularly feeding your erotic imagination, prioritising your passions and creativity AND grabbing every opportunity to show care to yourself and your beloved. A passionate life tends to lead to passionate loving. Here’s 5 ways to infuse more of your creativity and aliveness into the bedroom:

1. The erotic imagination thrives on novelty so making some very personal stuff to set the scene for sex can be special and exciting. Some examples: A playlist of songs that remind you of your partner, fresh flowers in the bedroom or your own blend of oils specially combined in an infuser or dripped into a natural base oil for massage

2. Have you ever written a short fantasy or erotic story for your partner? It’s likely to make them feel very special and it can be fun to tailor it to appeal to your partner’s particular tastes. Don’t be overwhelmed by the act of writing – it need only be short and sweet.

3. Have you ever gone shopping together explicitly for erotic material – literature, clothes, massage oils or bedroom toys? If it would interest you – why not try it? It may enliven you as passionate, consciously sexual partners just to go out specifically with the aim of buying bedroom accoutrements.

4. Do you like to sleep naked? Is it something you could try? I ask because sleeping naked together has been correlated with more satisfying couple relationships. Enhance the experience of going to bed skin on skin with a body moisturising routine just before you hop into bed – a couple of minutes well spent for your skin and your intimacy level.

5. Get to bed earlier together OR set the alarm a little earlier and use that time for touching with no expectation of full sex. A few dedicated minutes a day can be enough to keep desire bubbling in you all day and help you feel generally sexier and more passionate about life and each other.

Little things add up to helping you feel more alive and desirable in your everyday moments and that makes every day a lot more fun and special.

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Deb x