Rediscovering Great Sex in Long Term Relationships

From my years as a couple therapist, here’s a few tips for rediscovering great sex in long term relationships.

In each of us is our secret erotic world unseen by anyone except a lover (and even they rarely know the half of it). The happiest long term couples tend to have created a shared, overlapping erotic existence as well as respecting each other’s own worlds. They find ways to unashamedly explore fantasy and desire together without too many barriers and are open to stepping out of their comfort zones to keep passions alive.

They prioritize finding ways to show each other that they are desirable and that they matter – even when they have differences.

5 secrets of erotically charged long term couples:


1. Erotically charged couples know how to turn themselves on

It’s vital to know how you turn yourself on to passion – the thoughts, the feelings, the kinds of experiences your erotic imagination thrives on – that’s the stuff you can nourish, refresh and bring into your relationship by living life passionately. Instead of only relying on your partner to turn you on you each inspire and generate excitement in yourselves, and that’s very attractive.

2. They know how to have mindful sex

Try looking into each other’s eyes more than you habitually do – does it feel strange, do you feel shy, do you laugh? That’s all good. Detach from fear. Be welcoming. Open your heart and mind to potentially new experiences. Author Gary Zukav suggests that a way to feel more alive in your life and relationships is to have the courage to accept your vulnerability.

3. They understand that complacency kills passion

Author Tony Robbins wrote that if you want a relationship to last it’s a good idea to keep behaving as you did at the start. It’s good advice because at the start of a relationship we understand that there’s no place for complacency. We have to make an effort to attract the partner we desire and keep them engaged and having fun. We know we have to put in. Why would we stop and expect things to remain fresh?

4. They’re unafraid to change roles

Playing with roles doesn’t mean playing scenes in costume (although, do it if you like it). It simply means exercising a different side of yourself for freedom, pleasure and fun. For example, therapist Esther Perel suggests it can be incredibly relaxing for someone who makes decisions all day to have their partner be ‘boss’ in the bedroom sometimes. It can be bliss for a partner who is constantly caring for others to be treated to 100% pampering; washing, stroking and all kinds of intense, no-holds-barred care from their partner so that for once, they don’t have to do a thing.

5. Special sexual techniques


As for fancy techniques, there’s no one simple magic move that will guarantee great sex, but I guess you know that. Good lovers are made not born, and technique in bed won’t matter a bit if the passionate connection between you is not there. Openness, mindfulness, aliveness and embodiment of your feelings is the attitude that’s most likely to inspire great sex.

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Just BE the love that you ARE.

Dr Deb x