Dr Debra Campbell is an author, psychologist and former uni lecturer in Relationships. Debra worked as a psychologist in private practice for a number of years consulting on everything from relationships to panic, depression and grief.

She was also a couple therapist at Relationships Australia, leaving to collaborate with author/psychotherapist Dr Francis Macnab on thought-leadership in well being, relationships and spirituality.

As a teenager Debra started out as an actor appearing in Harvey Fierstein’s Spookhouse for Playbox Theatre and making regular appearances in Neighbours and other Melbourne TV institutions. Drawn to personal spirituality, Debra gradually moved into yoga and mindfulness teaching, leading to the founding of Hobson’s Bay Yoga and Natural Health and Newport Yoga Centres. The desire to continually deepen her understanding of the human condition led her to undertake a PhD in psychology. Her thesis on love and emotional intelligence won the Relationships category award from The Australian Psychological Society.

In her book Lovelands she writes of growing up, struggling with love and relationships, being an actor and both sides of therapy – patient and therapist. More than a memoir, Lovelands helps readers understand how to overcome hurts and losses and become the hero of their own lives from the inside-out, despite everything life dishes out along the way.

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Debra’s research has been published in peer-reviewed journals in Australia and the US including Spirituality in Clinical Practice and The International Journal of Yoga Therapy. She is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Arianna Huffington’s latest initiative Thrive Global.

You’ll also find Debra’s work published on The I-do PodcastDigital Romance,, Aftering and many more.

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