Gloomy Day Love

Guilty secret? It’s possible you won’t like me after this because it seems to be a surprisingly polarising topic.

I love a gloomy day.

In fact, when someone says it’s a lovely day because the sun is shining I get really uncomfortable. I don’t want to lie and agree with them but I know from prior experience they’re likely to get inexplicably irritated if I break with the expected response of “Yeah, it’s gorgeous!”. I don’t hate a sunny day. I just don’t prefer it. But some things are just best left unsaid…until now.

I’ve long felt I had to keep my love of gloomy days to myself because it historically met with such intense disapproval, but what the heck, I’m coming out. Is it so wrong that I greet a day of drizzling gloom with glee? Is it hurting anyone that I feel this way!?

I’m a writer and I don’t mind some research and a good read and well, there’s nothing like a bit of gloomy weather to suggest that kind of inside time. Can’t get out and be all outdoorsy today – what a pity.

I love the romance of a stormy sky, the intensity of brooding dark clouds, the freshness of rain, the softness of the dim light and the coziness it engenders. At the weekend it means a day of looking inward, of making food, of musing on inspiration for the next piece, enjoying the doona longer and the garden watering itself.

Gloomy weather and love go together – my sport loving man doesn’t want to get out of bed so fast. And through the curtains everything’s romantic, mysterious and evoking timelessness and Wuthering Heights’ dark, deliriously windswept sexiness.

Gloomy weather and the sacred go together – there’s tension in the air that unseen forces are moving, there’s a sense of quieter introversion than a sunny day. Meditation’s high on the agenda and goes deeper, longer.

Gloomy weather and art go together – it’s beautiful for watching a classic movie, reading a good book, writing another 5000 words. And I can get the atmosphere just right; the lamps glowing warmly, the most luxurious of candles and of course, hot tea. Lot’s of hot tea. Best day ever…

Just BE the love that you ARE x