Balancing Action and Acceptance

Do you think that anticipating some big change or shift is actually scarier than the change itself? I do.

I think anticipation and fantasising about potential outcomes is far scarier than being in the moment of a big change, or settling into new circumstances once the change has come. Our imagination is a beautiful thing, a key part of our creative self, but it is not always so helpful in relation to experiences we fear, as it can generate tension and anxiety that aren’t warranted.

That’s one of the reasons why procrastination is never a great idea. The weight (wait!) of having tasks hanging around that need to be attended to anyway, usually creates more stress and wastes more energy than just doing the thing, even when the thing seems scary. Fear has a way of building and intensifying over time when left unaddressed.

Dealing with the challenge of inevitable and sometimes painful change and growth in life requires a balance: a balance of action and acceptance. We need to take all the actions we can to bring about a desirable outcome. Next, when we have taken all useful actions in our power, we are best to accept the situation and let go of worry as much as possible, knowing we have done all we could and acknowledging that other forces are also at play.

Then, regardless of outcome, there is the possibility of minimising anxiety and maximising our feelings of peace Рknowing that we did all that was possible, faced our fears, and made space for life to find its course.