Childhood Relationships are our Models

I’m creating a companion resource, a workbook to partner my upcoming book when it is released early next year. My book is about creating the life and relationships you desire. It’s all about love because essentially, everything important to us in life is motivated by love or lack of it.

I set about creating it thinking I’d easily pull it together, but it has challenged me – in a good way. In an excellent way, actually. I’ve had to get laser-focused about the precise strategies and practical exercises I know will help readers locate blocks to living the life they desire and navigate those roadblocks more effectively. I’m almost there in pulling it all together. The main book is with the publisher already, and I think this will be a great optional extra for those readers who crave more information and support in applying what they’ve read about.

What I’ve learned or relearned anew in writing the companion book, is I’m always coming back to the fundamental importance of the models of life and relationships we created as children, interacting with our caregivers. Those models of relationships shaped our image of ourselves as worthy of having our needs met, as feeling confident and worthy of the presence of another person – or not. Understanding those models and their impacts on us is utterly key in understanding ourselves now. The styles of attaching to others we formed then continue to have an impact on our partner choice and how our relationships progress. They even influence the kind of friend and parent we become.

The great news, if you’re reading this and thinking “Yikes!” is that through awareness of these models you absolutely can make changes to your internal models, perspectives and patterns. When you know better you can do so much better.

When you know your story and take ownership of it, you can rewrite the perspectives and lessons you choose to take from your story. You can be the love that you essentially are.

Exciting stuff…I can’t wait to share more with you!

Deb x