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How to rewire your brain

Dealing with Childhood Wounds in Adulthood

Here’s a piece I contributed to MindBodyGreen. It’s about dealing with childhood wounds so they stop ruling your world in the present. To go deeper, grab a copy of my book Lovelands on Amazon or Audible. Enjoy!

Jealousy hurts and confuses

The Enemy Jealousy

Jealousy pangs occur for almost every couple at some time. However, if jealousy becomes part of an ongoing cycle of anger, suspicion, distress and insecurity in a couple, it needs dealing with on a deeper level before it erodes core trust in each other and dampens closeness and desire in the relationship. It’s important to …

Surviving Infidelity

Surviving Infidelity and the Aftermath

Surviving infidelity is a heartbreaking, brain-searing, crazy-making time for couples to navigate. I often meet couples for the first time in their scorched earth, post-affair period because they need my help as a therapist then like never before.   Recovering from any betrayal of trust is slow and painstaking and the more intimate the betrayal, the more raw the pain, shame, rage …

Heat up the bedroom. Feel like a goddess.

It doesn’t take more sex to feel sexier and to enjoy intimacy more. What it does take is regularly feeding your erotic imagination; prioritising your passions and creativity AND grabbing every opportunity to show care to your beloved.   Here’s 5 ways to infuse more of your creativity and aliveness into the bedroom:   1. Our erotic imagination thrives …