• Step-parenting

    The Non-Negotiables of Step-Parenting

    Step-parenting is tricky, not least because it means blending two cultures, cultures which can have as many hidden, nuanced differences and preferences, as obvious ones. They may have different communication styles, different ideas about humour,…

  • Porn and Relationships

    Embody The Goddess of Love

    There’s nothing more desirable, universally attractive and yearned for than to love and be loved. Love is the fundamental core of our needs and desires, after all other dreams are quenched or drop…

  • Habits of Mind

    Those Damn Habits of Mind

    Therapist Aaron Beck was the grandfather of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – a system of therapy which in a nutshell, teaches people to recognise the patterns of thinking that aren’t serving them well and to…

  • Jealousy hurts and confuses

    The Enemy Jealousy

    Jealousy pangs occur for almost every couple at some time. However, if jealousy becomes part of an ongoing cycle of anger, suspicion, distress and insecurity in a couple, it needs dealing with on…

  • Keep Sex Creative

    Why You Need to Keep Sex Creative

    Keeping sex creative makes sense because eroticism thrives on novelty, many varied and new experiences. By creative – I don’t necessarily mean acrobatics in the bedroom – simply variations on sex aside from intercourse. Sex is…


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