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Writing for therapy

Philosophy Gems for Mental Health: Structuralism & Post-structuralism

In a series of pocket-sized articles for online journal Ma Vie Fran├žaise, I highlighted how some key insights from great French philosophical movements can articulate into practical strategies for well-being, particularly for mental health, for all of us. Check out my French Philosophy Gems for Mental Health articles at Ma Vie Francaise (My French Life).

Dr Debra Campbell

How to Build Emotional Fitness (& Become Your Own Heroine)

Emotional fitness is vital in facing the mental health challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. But what exactly is meant by emotional fitness and how do you build it? Emotional fitness is an analogous concept to physical fitness, but applied to our thinking and emotions, specifically how we manage them to support our mental health, resilience, …

How to be Your Own Hero – The 3 Loves Project

It’s in stores, my big self-rescue book How to be your own hero: The 3 Loves Project. It’s about getting attuned to your deepest values, guided by what you love and what lights you up, in all your decisions, large and small. Then it’s hanging on to those values and valuing YOU through hell or …