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erotic secrets

Rediscovering Great Sex in Long Term Relationships

From my years as a couple therapist, here’s a few tips for rediscovering great sex in long term relationships. In each of us is our secret erotic world unseen by anyone except a lover (and even they rarely know the half of it). The happiest long term couples tend to have created a shared, overlapping erotic existence as …

reignite a sexless marriage

Sex Secrets from a Couple Therapist

Sex therapy is often an important adjunct to couple therapy and there’s a popular misconception that longer relationships equate with boring sex. However,  research evidence actually suggests that long-term couples generally report enjoying more satisfying sex than newer couples. This is probably because confidence and ease grows over time together. It is true however, that for many couples, …

More like Friends than Lovers

More like friends than lovers?

How do you re-energize a relationship that’s become more like friends than lovers? It’s a common question and it’s not surprising that many people struggle with it. Long term love brings companionship, warmth, safety and soft feelings (especially in family settings) and those feelings while fantastic, don’t always inspire the heat, edginess and desire for adventure …