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Dr Debra Campbell

How to Build Emotional Fitness (& Become Your Own Heroine)

Emotional fitness is vital in facing the mental health challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. But what exactly is meant by emotional fitness and how do you build it? Emotional fitness is an analogous concept to physical fitness, but applied to our thinking and emotions, specifically how we manage them to support our mental health, resilience, …

Attachment Styles

Attachment Styles

John Donne’s ‘A Valediction: forbidding mourning’ concerns a sea voyage and uses the image of a circle as an antidote to the abyss of loss and separation. He pictures the invisible but precious bonds which link carer and cared-for, lover and beloved in an attachment relationship as slender threads of gold. Jeremy Holmes Long before …

Parenting After Separation: Empty Nest Too Soon

For the first few years of your life it was as if you were a pure extension of myself. I could barely breathe when I was separated from you. I made sure it almost never happened. As did you. From your birth, you were so much more important to me, than me. It was both …

How to rewire your brain

Dealing with Childhood Wounds in Adulthood

Here’s a piece I contributed to¬†MindBodyGreen. It’s about dealing with childhood wounds so they stop ruling your world in the present. To go deeper, grab a copy of my book Lovelands on Amazon or Audible. Enjoy!