I know what it’s like to feel chronically dissatisfied, lost for motivation and out of alignment with your passions, not living your best life – but having no idea what to do about it. I’m all too familiar with feeling caught in the fallout of a difficult childhood, relationships gone wrong and other mistakes, rehashing dysfunctional stories about what that means, and what you think you deserve. I even wrote a book about it…

If you’re thinking ‘me too’ then maybe it’s high time to step up as the heroine of your own story – the story of your life that you write for yourself every day.
Or maybe you’re on a good path already, but you’d love some coaching and companionship on your journey.

Join me, and gourmet kitchenista the beautiful Fifi, for a day of delicious wholesome food, nurturing relaxation, mindfulness instruction, good company, and exploring deep paths to personal growth.

This easy-going workshop day – The Lovelands Sessions – is based around the lessons of my book – Lovelands.


What will be Covered?


We’ll examine where and why you get stuck, feeling anxious, or down, or like you’re never-quite-good-enough – whatever gets in the way of living your best life.

Learn ways to manage stress, difficult emotions and unhelpful thoughts, mindfully.

Understand how to work on releasing past hurts and stories you tell yourself, for greater freedom and empowerment.

Learn strategies to deal with relationships more confidently, and with less conflict.

Understand how to develop greater self-compassion and forgiveness.

Learn how to integrate maximum passion and flow into every part of your daily life and allow past hurts and disappointments to get out of the way of your desires.

You won’t be asked to disclose your personal story or past trauma to others in the group. Let’s focus on mapping paths to your most beautiful life now.


The next of the Lovelands Sessions will take place on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula on Saturday May 4th 2019, 10 am – 4 pm.


Fees: $297.00 – all inclusive:

Workshop materials, nutritious handmade morning and afternoon teas, smoothies, tea, coffee, artisan gourmet lunch, and your small group sessions with Dr Debra Campbell.