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Am I Normal to Often Feel Dissatisfied?

Blessed with riches and possibilities far beyond anything imagined by ancestors who tilled the unpredictable soil of medieval Europe, modern populations have nonetheless shown a remarkable capacity to feel that neither who they are nor what they have is quite enough. Alain de Botton.   Continuing from my previous post, here’s the second installment in my series …

chronic dissatisfaction

Do You Suffer Chronic Dissatisfaction?

I am tired of myself tonight. I should like to be somebody else. Oscar Wilde   Chronic Dissatisfaction (let’s just call it CD) stalked me for years. Do you know CD? The symptoms include restlessness, needing more of something indefinable and always shifting, feeling like you’re not there yet (but wondering where the hell there is.) …

Peeling the onion of abuse and shame

Peeling the Onion of Abuse and Shame

  Shame is the most powerful master emotion. It’s the fear that we aren’t good enough. Brené Brown   We humans are good at gathering shame inside us, and often at shaming others. We can feel shame for things done to us, as much as for things we have done. We may automatically assume we …

Leaving the Badlands and healing

Leaving the Badlands

Let me fall if I must. The one I become will catch me. Baal Shev Tom From my twenties, I recall this image. I was standing on the edge of a crevasse, not just a cliff, a dark, vast jagged wound in the ground, an abyss where I couldn’t see the bottom. Around it was …

Dr Debra Campbell at Fifty

Fifty at Fifty

I’m a couple of weeks from the half-century mark of life…yes, 50, really…I know, I look great 😉 especially with a little airbrushing. But seriously, I’ve been super wary about owning it because of cultural meanings of 50 and because of my own prejudices. Will people see me differently, judge me based on my age if …


Self-Criticism Lady & External Validation Girl

  I was looking forward to working on a piece I’d left unfinished in favour of other things for too long. However, when my butt hit the seat I found myself struggling to flow despite desire. I sat staring. I’d found a window of time, so why couldn’t I seize the moment? Two noisy, wrestling …

How to rewire your brain

Dealing with Childhood Wounds in Adulthood

Here’s a piece I contributed to MindBodyGreen. It’s about dealing with childhood wounds so they stop ruling your world in the present. To go deeper, grab a copy of my book Lovelands on Amazon or Audible. Enjoy!

love versus depression

Love Vs Depression

So Pete left, and there I was – another failed relationship, another week without an acting job, my bank account dwindling almost as fast as my frail self-esteem. As weeks dragged by, I felt increasingly out of control and I was fast sinking into depression. I was strangely overcome with grief about losing Pete although …

On Writing Lovelands

On Writing Lovelands

  Lovelands is about embracing your demons; being the hero of your own life, through courage, self-awareness and love.   Lovelands is part memoir, part self-help for any soul who wants to more deeply understand emotional health and freedom, and how to create the life and relationship they desire. It’s about finding your way through challenges that …


Grief Is Not An Emotion

Grief is not an emotion. Grief is a time of feeling every emotion. It’s a time of feeling blinded to everything else; seared raw by the white light of the beloved soul’s final flare. We are caught unawares, no matter how expected, in the flash, then the fallout from the ending of a personal epoch. …