In the latest episode – How to stay present in your relationships when you’re so busy and stressed and your mind is always going a mile a minute.

In this episode of the podcast Dr Debra Campbell looks at how to set and achieve goals without getting overwhelmed and constantly dissatisfied with your efforts.

In episode 1 of The Couch Podcast Debra answers Freya who writes that she finds articles and advertisements about living your ‘Best Life” upsetting. Freya is overwhelmed trying to work out what she wants from life while balancing what she thinks she should be doing. Her main question is ‘How do I work out what I really want?’.

In episode 2 of The Couch podcast Debra answers two questions about the trouble with weekends!

In episode 3 of The Couch podcast Dr Deb helps Lisa to get off the dysfunctional relationship train and talks about how to free yourself from the pain of repeating past patterns that aren’t getting you what you want in a relationship.

In episode 4 of The Couch Podcast Dr Deb discusses how to reconnect with an estranged family member, or alternatively, hold a space for that person, forgive them and forgive yourself if reconnecting is not possible.

In episode 5 of The Couch Podcast Dr Deb talks self-compassion and building greater self-esteem.

In episode 6 of The Couch podcast Dr Debra Campbell tackles the topic of when self-care becomes just another source of pressure in your daily life and what to do about it.

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