Lovelands is about embracing your demons; being the hero of your own life, through courage, self-awareness and love.


A note from Debra:

It’s a huge time for me as this book has been a work in progress in my life for perhaps 15 years. The publication of Lovelands is truly the wrapping up of one era in my life and a beautiful segue into a new phase, as an author. I’ve paused consulting as a psychologist for the time being so I can focus entirely on writing.

Lovelands is part memoir, part self-help for any soul who wants to understand more about emotional health and freedom, and how to create the life and relationship you desire. It’s about finding your way to living your best life, despite the diverse challenges that inevitably get in the way for all of us.

Drawing on my personal and professional experiences of love and dysfunctional relationships, I’ll guide you to make sense of your inner world so that you’ll develop your own inner compass and locate your best paths forward. You’ll understand more about the choices you make and gain strategies to support your personal evolution, helping you to create the life and relationships you desire.

Lovelands is now available everywhere. You can read some early reviews below or listen to interviews about the book here.

lovelands cover              Lovelands workbook

Also available right NOW is The Lovelands Companion Workbook – A guide to personal transformation.

The workbook expands on the themes of Lovelands, showing you how to apply real and powerful strategies to change your life and relationships for the better in 2017.

Get the workbook now and begin your Lovelands journey.

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