Do you need relationship help but don’t know where to start?


Maybe face-to-face counselling isn’t what you want, but you need something to help you to communicate better, stop the feelings of resentment building and start having fun together again. Some online resources might be a good place to start.

Need Marriage Help

My online ‘retreat’ (in your own time and space) offers tips to reshape your relationship intelligently and mindfully and gives you ideas for living more passionately in every aspect of your life together. If you’re not keen to take the step into counselling, or it’s impossible to find the time or help nearby, you may enjoy an online course as a low-stress, low-cost option. It doesn’t replace counselling but it will help you talk with each other positively again and ease relationship strain, if you follow the guidance offered.

I created the brief online course based on extensive experience teaching couples how to create an exceptional relationship and heal relationships that are struggling. The course uses videos, reading and reflective exercises which you complete in your own time and space. You will learn core skills to communicate more effectively, understand yourself and your partner and deal more confidently with challenges.


Relationship Detoxforgive

The last thing you need is unhelpful old habits to block your progress as you start intensive work on your relationship, so we deal with them in the first module.

  • I’ll describe 4 big relationship DON’TS and some healthy alternative ways to interact together.
  • You’ll learn strategies to handle conflict respectfully without invoking the 4 ‘baddies’
  • You’ll learn how to really forgive each other and yourself.
  • This module is essential preparation for the rest of the course.



Love is a very focused and specific giving of our attention. When we really listen to another person from our heart and soul, not just our head, they feel especially treasured and seen. In this module we focus on:

  • Learning healthy communication
  • Finding compromises and what to do when you can’t reach a compromise
  • We’ll also look at practical mindfulness skills to build your resilience to stress, help you to listen more effectively to one another and deal with differences of opinion more calmly and assertively.


IntimacyYoung caucasian couple

In this module we’ll immerse ourselves in nurturing all things intimate, thrilling and erotic in your relationship. Specifically we’ll explore:

  • Sex secrets from a couple therapist
  • What it means to create a life of Hot Devotion
  • Understand the power of words, story and fantasy in love
  • And how to talk about all things erotic with your partner and enjoy the benefits.


Mindful Lovingyoung lovers kiss

In this module we set our sights on a beautiful future:

  • We’ll look at your love languages as individuals
  • We’ll explore the different styles of love and how each can be present in our relationship
  • We’ll learn how to develop and strengthen your couple ‘micro-culture
  • And we’ll acknowledge that love is a very deep kind of attention, and how to give and receive that attention.



What is the fee?

$97.00 and yes, that covers both members of a couple completing the e-course.

Is participation anonymous?


Is the e-course suitable for same sex relationships?

Of course, absolutely.

Do both members of a couple need to do the course?

Yes, but not necessarily at the same time or in the same place. You can each login and complete the modules at your own pace and discuss what you learn at your leisure.

Who shouldn’t do the course?

The e-course is not suitable if there is violence, abuse or infidelity in your relationship, or a recent history of such occurrences. Such issues require more direct assistance from a professional than an e-course is able to provide.

What results will I achieve from completing the eCourse?

  1. You’ll know the toxic factors that undermine relationships and how to avoid them
  2. You’ll know exactly how to disagree respectfully
  3. You’ll develop greater self-awareness
  4. You’ll feel more connected to your partner by working through the eCourse together
  5. If you both fully participate, you will likely both feel inspired to greater intimacy
  6. You will have put conscious habits in place to make your relationship stronger, hotter and happier
  7. You’ll know how to ask for what you want in a way that’s more likely to help you get it
  8. You’ll learn basic stress management techniques


Is there a time limit on completing the course?

No, once you enroll in School of Love course you have ongoing access to this relationship course, including any future updates to this particular course.