How to be Your Own Hero

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Becoming your own hero, or heroine comes down to making love your guiding force in life – and I don’t mean mere romance – I mean love as in humanity and compassion to yourself and others.

There are 3 Loves that provide a clear and grounding focus for developing your emotional fitness and eudaimonia – meaning a state of deep, underlying contentment, despite life’s inevitable challenges. Those loves are:

1. Self-compassion 

Self-compassion is a greatly under-rated life skill. It starts with our self-talk. Much of the work I do to help people heal and grow begins with developing a mindful awareness of self-talk, and changing their relationship to their inner critical voice. Much of the 3 Loves Project is a guide to becoming your own heroine, or hero instead of ‘your own worst enemy’, starting with your self-talk. Growing self-compassion helps us to be more confident, resilient, open, adventurous, happier, and a whole lot less anxious.

2. Quality relationships with other beings (human, animal, spiritual or vegetable!)

Healing misunderstandings and building intimacy and trust in relationships, romantic or otherwise is beneficial for your overall health and happiness. The relationships aspect of the 3 Loves Project focusses on how to engage more deeply in your treasured relationships, and on skills for managing conflict and difficult emotions effectively.

3. Passionate Flow

Finding your places of deep engagement and flow deeply contributes to a sense of meaning, purpose and a life lived on purpose, to the full.  The Flow aspect of the project is about finding more opportunities for pleasure and feeling fully alive every day.

You’ll find a trove of insights and exercises to enhance all 3 loves and strengthen your emotional fitness and resilience in How to be Your Own Hero – the 3 Loves Project book. I invite you to begin your own 3 Loves Project and change your inner and outer world for the better, forever. Paperback and Kindle editions are available on Amazon and through bookstores.

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