Join the 3 Loves Project

There are 3 Great Loves that Create Positive Mental Health, Wellbeing & Joy


Self-compassion (or self-respect)

Mindful relationships (human, animal or other!) &

Passions – thing(s) we love that challenge, engage and put us in a state of FLOW


Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to cultivate┬áthese great loves to heal and enrich their lives, because they’ve simply never been taught.


Each day for a year, the 3 Loves Project provides bite-sized life lessons (not quick fixes) to develop the 3 loves of your life, for positive mental health, courage, greater self-esteem, better relationships & emotional freedom


Each lesson builds upon the others to create deep understanding, personal transformation and strength over the long-term.


A Daily Program for Positive Mental Health and Personal Growth


Confident, Kind and Courageous


The basis of positive mental health is treating yourself compassionately, in your thoughts and actions.

You’ll learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions mindfully every day so you can ease anxiety, grow in your confidence and self-esteem and feel lighter.

You’ll learn to manage your Inner Critic and be a friend to yourself.

Become your own hero, instead of ‘your own worst enemy’.


Mindful, Loving and Calm Relationships


Get super-clear on how to heal misunderstandings and build intimacy and trust in relationships, romantic and otherwise.

Learn how to engage more deeply with family and friends.

Lessen anger and manage conflict more effectively.

Understand how to deal with difficult people in your life.


Passionate, In Flow with Life, Self-Aware and Fulfilled


Learn how to be less distracted and develop better concentration.

Identify and use your strengths and talents.

Find more opportunities for pleasure and achievement every day.