Why You Need A Pre-Marriage Program

You’re probably not going to believe this – or you’re not going to WANT to believe it – but it’s true. I’ve had engaged couples come to me for a little pre-marriage education session or two who’ve dropped stuff on each other (and me) like:

1. One of them doesn’t like having sex with the other EVER
2. One of them is addicted to porn and the other one HATES it
3. They can’t stand each other’s kids.

Yep, in all these cases I wanted to scream from the rooftops – HOLD UP GUYS – WE HAVE A PROBLEM HERE – but we kept cool and we did the work we had to do to get the couple clearer and give them a chance at being successful in what they felt was right for them.

Fact is, marriage preparation is ESSENTIAL in sorting out what’s already going off-track in your relationship BEFORE you get to the big day – or in acknowledging what’s working and how to keep it amazing.

Let’s face it – the upcoming wedding day alone can be a real source of stress because there’s usually at LEAST one family member who thinks it’s all about them instead of you! Not to mention the financial pressures and your longing for everything, especially yourself, to be PERFECT (whatever the hell perfect means…)

Then, once the wedding day is over – the reality of a new family LIFE together actually hits. You’ve got to be ready to handle disagreements well, to handle each other’s expectations and assumptions about everything from kids, to sex, to in-laws, differences in spirituality, and everything else life is going to throw at you for the next FOREVER.

You’ve got a whole lot of new stuff on your plate and it’s just the beginning – so much more is coming guys!

Are you ready?

The PREPARE marriage preparation course includes spending high quality time discussing your results in detail with me and strategizing solutions to any challenges and areas of potential growth we identify in the process.

The PREPARE program is the leading national pre-marriage questionnaire and relationship skills building program. PREPARE is custom-tailored to each couple’s unique situation. You each work through a questionnaire in your own time and use the information you gain to build your relationship skills and learn to understand yourself and your partner better. It is particularly helpful for pre-marriage couples and is useful to couples at all life stages wishing to explore, enhance or enrich their relationship.

PREPARE will help you focus on the future and plan your lives together, beyond the day of your formal commitment. It will help you to:

• Identify and build on the strengths of your relationship
• Manage different perspectives
• Find out more about each other’s values
• Strengthen your communication skills
• Compare your expectations of the life ahead together
• Learn how to resolve conflict
• Set your individual and shared goals
• Develop a financial plan together

PREPARE is a tested and true marriage preparation course and I’m ready to take you through it online in your time.

When you undertake the PREPARE program with me you will also receive a copy of my eBook ‘Hot Devotion’ – a guide for creating an extraordinary relationship, to add to your resources. More than that you’ll benefit from my many years of experience as a couple therapist.

I look forward to meeting you and taking you through the PREPARE process.

Dr Deb

P.S. In April I’m giving away one PREPARE program free of charge. All you have to do to be in the running is express your interest.